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Kreon Technology aids towards the Ikusasa Phambili Tutorship Programme of MosaÔek church for educating school learners


Kreonís Corporate Social Investment involves our commitment to the Ikusasa Phambili Tutorship Programme. The programme was initiated in 2003 with the objective to offer tutoring classes for matriculants in Science, Mathematics and Accountancy. Currently the classes accommodate sixty Grade 10 learners and KREON has a dedicated engineer who lectures to the learners during weekends. The attendance of theses classes enables the learners to take decisions about their lives and careers, based on well prepared, current and practical information given to them by the different organizations and presented by the educators. The learners as well as their tutors, from four schools in the Diepsloot and Zandspruit area are identified to attend this special school .The tutors are thus also being capacitated.


The learners each receive an educational pack, which includes textbooks, pens, rulers, work books, a calculator etc. KREON was also involved in the sponsoring of some of the items in this pack.


KREON follows the philosophy that it is important to invest in the future of this country so as to ensure continual growth in the industry.




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