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System Engineering


KREON TECHNOLOGY follows a proven system engineering approach to ensure that our client's need is met by the system developed.



Our Systems Engineers perform Functional Analysis to develop a Concept of Operations and Functional Architecture.


The Speciality Engineering group within KREON TECHNOLOGY performs inter alia simulations and algorithm development to serve as inputs to the Requirement Management and Synthesis processes.


The Requirements Management process uses the Functional Architecture, as well as inputs from Specialty Engineering analyses, to develop requirements. These requirements are validated via the Validation and Verification process in conjunction with our clients. The interaction between Functional Analysis and Requirements Management is iterative, as the functional architecture and resulting requirements are decomposed to a level necessary to the appropriate requirements that describe the needed system characteristics.


Synthesis then develops the physical architecture or design solution to those requirements.


Interface Management plays a key role in ensuring that the various internal system pieces are coordinated and integrated with external systems. As the total system is decomposed via iterative interaction of Functional Analysis, Requirements Management, and Synthesis, physical and functional interfaces are identified and managed.


The system is developed according to the baseline design and verified with the Qualification process.


The results of these activities are continually brought under Configuration Management.


Although the discussion of this simplified view and description of the System Engineering process was sequential, it is truly iterative and employed continuously throughout the lifecycle of a system.






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