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KREON TECHNOLOGY specialises in the development of hard real time embedded software. We have successfully completed software developments in technology areas such as Digital Signal Processing, Image Processing, Industrial Control, and Telecommunications.


In support of our embedded software developments, KREON TECHNOLOGY continually applies the latest Windows™ Application Programming Interface technologies. Visual development tools are extensively used for Man-Machine-Interface applications and device drivers are developed where high-speed data throughput is essential. KREON TECHNOLOGY also develops all device drivers for its ISA and PCI card products providing our clients with top-notch support.


In support of the systems engineering process, our software engineers work in close collaboration with the systems engineer and hardware engineers throughout the concept design and detail design phase. Software performance areas are identified early in the project and appropriate techniques are applied to the software design and coding phases.


Key Software Development Areas:


Software Development Process

Our software standards conform to the quality guidelines enforced by RTCA/DO-178.

Embedded Processors

Power PC, TMS320C3X, Intel 8051, 80186, 286.

Windows Application Software

Win32 Application Programming Interface (API)
Microsoft Visual C++
Windows service applications
COM and DCOM technologies

Windows Driver Software

Microsoft Device Driver Development Kit (DDK)
Windows NT, 2000, and XP kernel mode multiple device drivers

Coding Languages

ANSI C, Visual C++, Visual Basic, Java


Unified Modelling Language (UML)

Kreon has successfully applied this methodology in embedded software designs.








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