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KREON TECHNOLOGY has been involved in numerous hardware development projects, ranging from relatively simple micro-controllers to complicated high-speed real-time Digital Signal Processor (DSP) designs. The design process we follow broadly consists of the following steps, or a sub-set thereof, depending on the project requirements:

             Specification of the system, and from this follows specification of the hardware;

             Work-breakdown resulting in specification of Programmable Logic Devices (PLD), microprocessor capabilities, and other complex device requirements;

             Detail design of PLDs, including simulations, and implementation using VHDL;

             Detail design of the total circuit, including component selection and possible simulations;

             Capturing of the design in an electronic database;

             Design of the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) layout, including possible simulations;



             Comprehensive design verification, resulting in formal design acceptance in accordance with the specification; &

             Possible repetition of these steps in the case of prototype development.

Reviews are regularly conducted with the client.


Various documents are associated with these steps, and are either generated for internal use, or formally generated if required for delivery to the client. These are the Hardware Prime-Item Specification, the Hardware Design Description for each of the PLDs, the Hardware Design Description for the total circuit, the schematic diagram with the Bill of Materials, the mechanical drawings of the PCB layout, and the Acceptance Test Specification and Acceptance Test Log.


Electronic capturing of designs and PCB layout are subcontracted to specialists with whom KREON TECHNOLOGY has established long-term working relationships. Some of the more complex PLD designs are also done in conjunction with well-established partners.





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