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Kreon Technology's Telemetry System allows for a flexible and customizable interface for field data gathering and logging in the agricultural sector

Protection system for armed vehicles




KREON TECHNOLOGY (Pty) Ltd was established and registered as a commercial business in 1993.

KREON TECHNOLOGY has throughout this time endeavoured to provide its customers with definitive solutions and unsurpassed engineering services.


KREON TECHNOLOGY was certified as an ISO9001:2000 company in 2006 to add to our commitment of quality engineering. In 2009 the company was recertified to comply to the new ISO9001:2008 criteria.

Our approach to achieving these goals start with a dedicated engineering team and a 'hands-on' approach to engineering management. The result of this is reflected in the cost effective and technical performance of the many products already developed for our clients. We invite you to entrust your outsourcing of product development to KREON TECHNOLOGY and to build a long term relationship with us ...


Leon van Tonder

Managing Director








The AMCC PPC440 Power PC CPU card is suited for high-speed control applications and data processing.

























The VOIP Unit is suited for communication in a rugged environment.


























The Data Management Unit is suitable for remote sensing, data collection and distribution using GSM communication

































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