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KREON TECHNOLOGY (Pty) Ltd was founded in 1993 arising out of a recognised need for providing electronic development and manufacturing services. The company specialises in the delivery of solutions, which are tailored to customer requirements and produced at competitive costs.

provides services in the areas of engineering management, system engineering, design and development of high-technology digital hardware and embedded software as well as specialised low volume manufacturing. KREON TECHNOLOGY has provided services to companies in the Defence, Research, Industrial and Information Technology market sectors.


Located in South Africa, KREON TECHNOLOGY is situated in The Innovation Hub in PretoriaKREON TECHNOLOGY comprises a multi-disciplined team and has been fortunate to attract the foremost talents of the engineering industry over the years by offering its employees involvement in state-of-the-art projects and product development initiatives. We encourage our people to be innovative, not only technologically but also in all aspects of business.


Kreon's resource base includes the following experience levels:

             Engineering Managers with more than 17 years experience;

             System Engineers with up to 20 years experience;

             Hardware Development Engineers with up to 20 years experience;

             Software development engineers with up to 20 years experience; &

             Administrative and project management support system with up to 20 years experience.

KREON TECHNOLOGY has established a reputation for the talent and commitment of our engineers, and their ability to provide cost effective solutions to technical challenges










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