About Us

KREON TECHNOLOGY has established itself as a leading developer of state-of-the-art electronic sub-systems aimed at the defence and high-end industrial sectors.

KREON TECHNOLOGY has, over the past 25 years, established itself as a local, leading developer of state-of-the-art electronic sub-systems that are aimed at the Defence-, Research-, IoT and high-end Industrial sectors. Our company focus is on providing tailored, customer solutions at competitive costs.

We have a holistic solutions approach in that we provide services in the areas of; engineering management, system engineering, design and development of high-technological digital hardware and embedded software as well as specialised manufacturing.

Our approach to achieving these goals start with a dedicated, engineering team and a ‘hands-on’ approach to engineering management. The result of this is reflected in the cost effective and technical performance of the many products already developed for our clients.

Kreon Technology has established a reputation for the talent and commitment of our engineers and their ability to provide cost effectiveness to technical challenges. We encourage our people to be innovative, not only technologically but in all aspects of their lives.

Since the inception of Kreon Technology, we have endeavoured to provide our customers with definitive solutions and unsurpassed engineering services.

We invite you to entrust your outsourcing of product development to Kreon Technology and to build a long-term relationship with us.

Kreon’s resource base consists of a multi-disciplined team with the following experience:

Engineering Managers with more than 17 years’ experience
System Engineers with up to 20 years’ experience
Hardware Development Engineers with up to 20 years’ experience
Software Development Engineers with up to 20 years’ experience
Administrative and Project Management support with up to 20 years’ experience

Business Approach

Kreon Technology follows three basic principles:

Business Concept

Kreon Technology provides unsurpassed engineering solutions for sub-systems. These engineering solutions comprise of unique electronic hardware and software.

Strategic Intent

Kreon Technology is committed to deliver to its clients:

  • Solutions in line with clients’ unique requirements and in accordance with technical specifications, budget and schedule; Quality assured in line with international standards
  • Professional service both during development and after sales support
  • Unique specialisation ability.
  • Global capacity and local expertise.

Core values

  • Integrity
  • Innovative
  • Excellence


groupelephant.com has operations in 31 countries spanning the Americas, the United Kingdom, Continental Europe, the Nordics, the Asia-Pacific region and Africa, and is able to effectively and efficiently service the needs of global clients, whilst addressing the objectives inherent in ‘Beyond Corporate Purpose: Elephants, Rhinos & People’. The Group has earned a strong reputation around the globe for successfully and cost-effectively addressing challenging technology-related issues for large, complex organizations and its client portfolio includes some of the largest and most respected multinational corporations.

  • Advance (bespoke software development, mobility, data services and IoT);
  • AiR (Advance IoT Router, ‘AiR’, is a Cloud-based hardware and software IoT solution designed to dramatically simplify and lower the cost of data acquisition, for myriad industries and IoT use cases);
  • BI Brainz (leaders in Analytics, BI, Data Storytelling & Data Visualization services and Education);
  • Camarade (a worldwide ‘gig’ economy-based staff augmentation platform);
  • ClearSky (global Infor HCM and Finance services, application management, proprietary software products and implementation accelerators);
  • EPI-USE & EPI-USE Global Services (comprising multiple service lines in the area of Human Capital Management);
  • EPI-USE Analytics (Group Reporting & Analytics);
  • EPI-USE Labs (propriety software, landscape transformation services and Cloud migration services);
  • Evolutio (operationalizes data platforms like AppDynamics and Splunk to monitor, troubleshoot and secure enterprise systems);
  • G3G (SAP Enterprise Management - Finance, Logistics and Analytics - services with an emphasis on new-generation Cloud-based HANA technology, digital transformation, application management, infrastructure technical services and hosting);
  • Hyperboliq (Human-centric software solutions on any platform. UX/UI Design, Gamification, Conversational UIs, Engagement Intelligence)
  • i/Con (specializing in middle-market Human Capital Management and Payroll in Germany, and German-language markets);
  • iD2 (Smart Metering solutions - hardware and software, for power utilities);
  • iLAB (Software Quality Assurance services);
  • iSphere (Cloud hosting and associated managed services);
  • Kreon (IoT solutions, electronic component development, integration of electronic subsystems, embedded hardware and software development);
  • LogBox (Electronic Medical Record Systems);
  • Magnisol (focusing on SAP payroll solutions for nonprofit organizations);
  • Metagrated (provides business-critical security and integration services through trusted security networks and technology);
  • Rivor (Business Process Outsourcing and Advisory services);
  • Sapconet (SAP Finance-based custom development, integration, mobility, data services and the IoT);
  • Stratview (Hyperion-based Group Reporting, Enterprise Performance Management and Oracle HCM Cloud); and
  • Zimele (SAP-based Utilities, Real Estate, Building and Energy Management solutions, products and outsourcing).